What is Fantasy Sport?

Fantasy sport platforms are expressed in Indian Sports Law as “Game of Mere Skill.” Fantasy sports applications involve users drafting fantasy teams based on certain conditions from a list of players scheduled to play live games on a given day.

How to play Fantasy Sports on FToss?

FToss fantasy platform provides its users opportunity to play cricket and football by selecting your chosen fantasy team and participate in contests. Follow these steps to play the skill-based game FToss to win big:

  • Register/Log in to FToss

  • Click on the particular match you want to join in and select a match

  • Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a captain and a vice captain) within the virtual points of 100 from all the players in the particular match by clicking on ‘Create Team.’

  • Join free or cash leagues of your choice. All Leagues and Matches let you win cash and require entry fee.

  • Once the Live match starts, your Fantasy team starts earning points on the basis of actual performance of the players selected by you. Final points, rankings and winners are declared at the end of the match.

Is FToss for everyone? Who can play FToss?

If you are an Indian resident above 18 years age and presently not residing in any of the states or fall under the jurisdiction of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana where skill based fantasy game such as FToss does not acquire a legal status, you can play FToss.

How to register at FToss?

Registering at FToss is simple and super easy! Once you are on FToss website, you can choose your sport, register by filling out a short form. Alternatively you can connect instantly with your Facebook or Google+ account.

How do I check the balance in my FToss account?

Your account balance will be reflected under “Winnings” section under Account tab. Under Account, you will be able to see Unutilized, Winnings and the Cash Bonus amount you have. You can alternatively add or withdraw cash from your Account tab as well.

How can I withdraw my winnings in FToss?

You can withdraw money only from the winnings account in your FToss, once your account has been verified. The verification is a one-time only process which does not need to be repeated unless you wish to make changes in your account. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw the desired amount (min. Rs. 200 and maximum Rs. 2, 00,000 at a time). The withdrawn amount will be deposited into your bank account within 5 working days.

Please Note: Your Winning amount should always have a minimum of Rs.100 left during the time of withdrawal. For Example if you wish to withdraw Rs.200 your winning amount should be Rs.300, same way if you wish to withdraw Rs.500 your winning amount should be Rs. 600.