Fair Play

Ethical Responsibility

FToss ensures a safe and fair corporate and user environment which is carefully integrated in all aspects of our gaming interface. We protect our users’ personal information with utmost sincerity. Sharing their bank details and personal information is strictly prohibited at FToss. Players under the age limit of 18 are not allowed to participate. Winning notification is sent via email.

Protecting Our Users

Helping our users win is our ultimate aim. The scoring system is based on the fair policy based solely on the players’ performance. Each user collects points based on their chosen players’ overall performance. The way of collecting their winning payout is mentioned clearly in our Helpdesk section. Each player can take up to 10 minutes to select their choice of fantasy team. This provides our valuable players added advantage to play with confidence by creating their dream team on the go!

Equal Opportunity

All our users are provided with equal opportunity while selecting a fantasy team of their choice with an equal budget of 100 credits. Our fairplay standards keep a player’s credit locked for every user to avoid any discrepancy in the team or players. Communication is a vital tool to connect us with our users. We understand you may have questions and concerns regarding FToss. Hence, we have dedicated our Helpdesk section to support all your questions and concerns.

Safety Standards

FToss aims to ensure highest safety standards to its users. To ensure its user safety and authentication, users are requested to present their PAN and Aadhaar Card as their ID proof prior to withdrawing their winning amount. Safe and secure payout is ensured by reliable third party integration. FToss is a skill based fantasy gaming platform. Hence, it is created in compliance with the legal formalities applicable to Indian online gaming industry. For further clarification, please follow our Legality section.